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  • Category Archives for "Branding and Logo Design"

    Jan 03

    The best of identity design 2014

    | Branding and Logo Design

    So another year comes to a close and BrandNew have published their now traditional ‘The Best and Worst Identities of 2014’ In which (as the name suggests) they highlight the Best and the Worse of Identity design, all in their opinion of course, but they are usually pretty spot on. Overall I agree with most of […]

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    Nov 14

    What if these tech companies had never rebranded…

    | Branding and Logo Design

    The recent 7 tech logos before they became iconic article over at thenextweb.com got me thinking. What if these (now) very successful technology companies had decided to stick with their original logos and branding, never engage a design consultancy to update or refresh the design? Would they still be around today (I know Nokia have gone, but they were very successful […]

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