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  • The World Trade Centre logo: striking a balance

    Branding and Logo Design

    The World Trade Centre logo: striking a balance

    Nov 18

    World Trade Centre

    An interesting article over at CR Blog featuring some of the past logo designs for The World Trade Centre as well as the most recent version (above).
    Has to be said that because of its more recent history this must have been one of the hardest pieces of design to pull off for Landor Associates.
    Needing to sensitively become a mark of respect, reference the past and look to the future.
    I’ve commented on the blog that…
    “Although the more recent logo covers the bases of remembering the past with the reference to the twin towers and looking to the future it also has a somber feel to it. There’s something almost funeral about it, and although it does need an element of that it needs to strike a balance with some positivity. That said it still works well and communicates several ideas at once.”

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