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  • 40 Well known brands and the meaning behind their logos (infographic)

    Branding and Logo Design

    40 Well known brands and the meaning behind their logos (infographic)

    Dec 01

    Meaning behind brands title

    I’ve expressed my love for the FedEx logo design before, to me it is close to perfection, simple, clean and clever, it will stand the test of time. It’s use of negative space to create the arrow is just perfect. Some of the meanings behind the well known brands featured in this infographic made by oomph below are bit tenuous and others were unknown to me and now make me see their logo’s in a new light.

    The Toblerone logo design features a hidden bear in the mountains, the ‘C’ and ‘o’ of Continental forms a (not entirely convincing) tyre shape.

    The ‘F1’ logo has a touch of FedEx about it using negative space to form it’s ‘1’. Most if not all of them make the case for creating meaning in logo design where possible…

    Meaning behind brand logos

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