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  • The Greatest Logo Design Ever? Discuss..

    Identity / Logo Design

    The Greatest Logo Design Ever? Discuss..

    Apr 17

    fedex logo

    I have abit of a soft spot for simply designed logos with a nice little idea in them such as the well known FedEx Logo above.

    They have to be as simple as possible but with a memorable little twist, hopefully, this is displayed in some of my own identity/logo design work as well.

    I think that the general consensus among most graphic designers is that the FedEx logo achieves this and not only does it achieve it BUT that it is also The Greatest Logo Design. Ever. Bold statement I know but I happen to share this opinion.
    On the FedEx website, it describes its business…

    “FedEx provides access to a growing global marketplace through a network of supply chain, transportation, business and related information services” In short and simple terms it delivers goods to different locations right across the world – FAST.

    What better way to show delivery at speed than an arrow, although as well used as the arrow shape is in graphic communication, because of how its formed here it almost makes it brand new. By manipulating the ‘E’ and ‘x’ the designer created a simple arrow.

    This arrow that is hidden within the negative space is both unnoticeable to some and obvious to others, its so simple yet I bet that getting the balance right in the letterforms to achieve this was tricky.

    The FedEx logo is (in my opinion) a timeless identity and in 30 years time I doubt it will experience anything more than a colour change to freshen it up. The logo was designed back in 1994 by Landor Associates in San Francisco, during its lifespan it has received over 40 design awards.
    So what do you think is the FedEx Logo the greatest logo design ever?

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    FedEx is one of those logos you see so much that you take for granted, but I also have never noticed that arrow.
    .-= jamisonstudio´s last blog ..Desert Notecards =-.


    Stephanie: Good to hear from you hope your travelling teaching is going well, judging by the pictures I’ve seen on FB it is. Good that you saw that shape from a young age, some people don’t see it at all, this post and some of the responses has made me question whether it is too subtle …possibly.
    To be honest the actual aesthetics are nothing to rave about, its just that little hidden/ obvious idea (depending on the viewer) that I love.
    James: Some good questions there James, is it too subtle I’m starting to think it might be and maybe I quite like the fact I can see it!


    I agree that the FedEx logo is one of the best (worldwide brand) logos around. THE best, well… I don’t know. It’s darn close at least. The thing that makes it not hands down the best is that most people don’t even notice the arrow. It usually takes a designer to point it out to them. In fact, whenever I see a truck drive past and I’m with someone that is a non-designer, I’ll ask them if they see the arrow. 99% of the time they say “what arrow.” Is it too subtle? Or does it actually make it better because once you see it, you can’t un-see it and then you feel like an insider?


    Hey Gareth! I saw your comment to Claire posted on facebook. Not having seen the whole post, I was thinking the logo was something you’d designed and the title was a little joke. So reading the “arrow between the E and the X,” I thought, is he ripping off FedEx? Glad to see you’re not, haha (though I do love looking at all your designs)!
    I remember the first time I looked at their logo and saw the arrow. I was in the back of my parents’ car when I was in primary school and said to them “it looks like an arrow between the E and the X.” My dad almost crushing my discovery by telling me it was intentional, part of what made the design work so well. And here I thought I’d found a hidden picture on the FedEx truck!


    Claire – Its very interesting that you and others can’t see it, maybe its not working as well as I thought!
    Anyone else who can’t see the arrow? just to say Claire its formed by the negative space (white space) between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’, let me know if you spot it now.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Gareth Coxons last blog post..The Greatest Logo Design Ever? Discuss..


    Er I still can’t see the arrow, it’s like one of those magic eye pictures!


    Parka – Glad you agree, you would you put in 2nd place?
    Shane – I know that some see it straight away some don’t, now you have spotted it don’t you see the logo in a whole new light?
    Dunc – Thanks for linking to that article, that helps explain the background and how it came about, very interesting as it fills in some gaps in my knowledge on this logo. thanks!


    Absolutely 100% agree with this Gareth! There’s an interesting interview with Lindon Leader at http://tinyurl.com/ymfxvb


    Didn’t notice the arrow until you pointed it out. Was invisible to me.


    Wow. Fedex was the first logo that came to my mind without even reading this article yet.

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