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Dot Design featured in Dache "100 Brands of Interest"

Dot Design featured in Dache "100 Brands of Interest"

Dache "100 Brands of Interest"
David over at has very kindly featured Dot Design in his “100 Brands of Interest” run down. It’s very interesting to see other designers identities, with some great examples featured and an honour to be included among many other great designers.

“In this second collection we see again the basic elements of design from geometry and linear imaging to the more creative and flamboyant techniques. No matter what the style, I think it can be said that all of the 100 brands below have been executed successfully to create effective, professional logos which communicate well to their audience. There is a whole mix of styles ranging from monograms to symbols or pictures but it is simplicity which is the common denominator.”

Thanks again David!


  1. Congrats Gareth. I do like your logo work – there’s always a witty/clever creative trick in there somewhere. Good stuff!
    Dunc Rs last blog post..Optima – In The Loop Magazine

  2. Many thanks Dunc, your too kind!
    Appreciate you stopping by.
    Gareth Coxons last blog post..Dot Design featured in Dache “100 Brands of Interest”

  3. I agree with Dunc R Great logo work!

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