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  • Category Archives for "Twitter"

    May 15

    Periscope: A fun app but is it any good for business?

    | Twitter

    Chances are that you’ve heard the word periscope being thrown around Twitter but aren’t that sure just what it is and more importantly what it means for your business.In short; Periscope is a new video streaming app from Twitter. Periscope allows you to broadcast live video of what you’re doing, allowing other Periscope users (and […]

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    Jun 19

    The PR stunts of the 2014 World Cup

    | Twitter

    Despite the run up to the World Cup being plagued with stories about civil unrest and FIFIA’s dodgy dealings, PR companies across the world have been under pressure to come up with creative ways to get their clients noticed. Truth is the days of the humble press release are long gone. The public now have […]

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    Oct 06

    It’s for a bloody good cause…

    | Twitter

    Charity SWEAR BOX from Fueled on Vimeo. How no one has thought of this before I don’t know, but this is an excellent idea to take the humble swear box online. It’s called Charity Swear Box and basically you link your Twitter account to the site and nominate a charity, from then on every time […]

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    Mar 21

    Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 4 – 15/03/10

    | Twitter

    I receive many design/art related links, social media stories and business related bits and pieces during the week so I thought it worth posting them here in a nicely packaged up weekly bundle. If you’d like to keep up with me on Twitter you can follow me by clicking here. ————————————————————————————————————————– WEEK – 15/03/2010 Twitter […]

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