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Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 4 – 15/03/10

Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 4 – 15/03/10

I receive many design/art related links, social media stories and business related bits and pieces during the week so I thought it worth posting them here in a nicely packaged up weekly bundle.
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WEEK – 15/03/2010


Twitter Plans To Order Search Results By Tweet Popularity > << not sure I like where this is going… less than a minute ago via HootSuite

RT @pointandstare: Do you have a contingency plan if your WordPress site falls over? You do now –
RT @speckyboy: “Top 50 Free Applications for Mac Users (Part 1)” ( )
Great idea > Solar Beat >
RT @Deavour: Just received a lovely testimonial from client we can do biz for you as well about 1 hours ago via HootSuite
RT @BradBurton: Amazing tributes for @expens1vejunk who died yesterday #kickcancer
10 Essential Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers >>
RT @imascientist: Ace q ‘do different genres of music affect brain differently or activate different parts of it?’
#ff part 3 of Trilogy > @expertiseontap @PropertyADD @smilton @reativeReview @virtualgirluk @ollyculverhouse @Honesty_Mkg @creditmandotnet
#ff part 2 > @AndrewKelsall @PRMira @voiceoverartist @InvestigateUK @PhilBegnett @petersimmonds_ @petersimmonds_ @NoRedBraces @knockbuckle
#ff @suepell @Excel_Expert @sbunker @KatieMillman @symmetry01 @neil_pie_PHP @ACS_IT @imascientist @ChrisHatch @Rachel_Hopkins…

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