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  • Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 2 – 01/02/10


    Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 2 – 01/02/10

    Feb 07

    Tweet Ups

    Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 2 – 01/02/10

    I receive many design/art related links, social media stories and business related bits and pieces during the week so I thought it worth posting them here in a nicely packaged up weekly bundle.
    If you’d like to keep up with me on Twitter you can follow me by clicking here.


    WEEK – 01/02/2010

    RT @surajsodha: remember folks search engines dont buy anything..people do. stop chasing google and let google chase you and your content.

    #ff @imascientist for services to science/education/discussion/talking about the weather/and being client of 2009!
    #ff @voiceoverartist for winning my ‘nicest client of the month award’, also for rocking the voice over / 4N world…

    #ff @neil_pie_PHP – PHP Guru and beardy weirdy great bloke

    New Blog Post: Logo Design Process – Neil Pie Freelance PHP Programmer > http://su.pr/1n7H17

    Google before you tweet is the new Think before you speak http://11t.us/10fYbQ #WLT7250

    How to suck at FaceBook > http://ow.ly/12Rzx

    RT @hlsbs: Guest Blog from @Rachaelblogs: Undertake your own PR Campaign http://ow.ly/12L42

    RT @voiceoverartist: Want to attract a brand new audience that you wouldn’t have accessed before? Try audio marketing. http://bit.ly/12bKvX

    @surajsodha: Just confirmed 4sight at @4N_WelwynGarden 19th march that’ll be the 6th/7th 4sight this year http://tinyurl.com/yc8ksgs

    i’m enjoying http://copycunts.blogspot.com/

    20 Fonts Ideal for Big and Powerful Headings http://ow.ly/128R8

    National Lady Gaga Day Draws 100,000+ on FB http://ow.ly/1254J < Think I should do launch a #DotDesignDay ? Or will I embarrass myself? 😉

    20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know > http://ow.ly/12bw9

    RT @PointandStare: Know PHP/ WordPress? Freelancing? London based? http://z6.co.uk/p969q3

    Are you in there? > New blog post : Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 1 – 25/01/10 > http://ow.ly/12ule

    Steve Jobs vs. Obama: Who Got the Bigger Buzz? [INFOGRAPHIC] > http://ow.ly/124Yt << Steve Jobs King of Buzz

    RT @BiochemSoc_Beck: Blobfish: world’s most ‘miserable looking’ marine animal facing exinction: http://bit.ly/cCbjYX << poor thing

    Apple vs. Amazon: The Great Ebook War Has Already Begun > http://ow.ly/12aus

    Just had a call from Katie @ Jam > @KatieMillman lovely lady and a great PAYGO answering service too> http://ow.ly/12tLB recommend following

    11 Creative Outdoor Advertisement Designs > http://su.pr/7SDfKj

    iPad vs EtchASketch http://ow.ly/12shR http://om.ly/enCM

    33 Firefox addons for Twitter users http://om.ly/enPF

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