Periscope: A fun app but is it any good for business?

Periscope: A fun app but is it any good for business?
Chances are that you’ve heard the word periscope being thrown around Twitter but aren’t that sure just what it is and more importantly what it means for your business.In short; Periscope is a new video streaming app from Twitter. Periscope allows you to broadcast live video of what you’re doing, allowing other Periscope users (and twitter followers) to tune in.But whilst it’s a great new toy for early adapters…is it actually any good for business?
Well, because Periscope is so new, there are no major case studies on how to use it as a brand. Nor are there any using Periscope for your brand success stories.
Which in a way, is good for you as a business.

Why? Well, you have the chance to try it out and experiment with it before any rules start to appear.
And whilst there aren’t a wide range of statistics available at the moment, Periscope does allow you to keep track of stats such as how many people viewed the video, how many people replayed the video and how many “hearts” your video received. That should give you a good idea on what kind of broadcast work for you and your viewers.
So here are a few tips to help you make the most of this new streaming application…
Think about your title: Much like blogging or article writing, your title is important. Periscope users will have access to a “featured” and “recent streams” and if you want them to click on your stream then you have to have a compelling title. So make sure that you describe what your video is and why people should tune in before you start broadcasting.
Enable playback: Your ideal customer may not have been on Periscope at the exact time of your broadcast so may have missed out on what you had to say. By enabling playback you can send out the link to your mailing and retweet it at a later time to get more views. Playback only lasts for 24 hours so if you’ve done a broadcast that you’re particularly proud of then make sure you save it to your camera roll.
Publicise your broadcast: To get the most views you need to make sure that your broadcast is easy to find. Your first step should be to turn on twitter sharing so that your followers are aware that you’re broadcasting.
Turning on the location sharing is also another good idea. Don’t worry, this won’t tell people your exact address, instead it just shares the geographic region that you’re in.
Always respond to comments: People watching your broadcast in real time can interact with you via comments and by giving you “hearts”.   As with any social media network, it is always a good idea to interact with the people who are communicating with you. So with this in mind, if someone asks a question, try to make time to respond. It’ll make the experience more personal and if you’re using it for business then you’re going to be giving your customers a chance to interact with you on a one to one basis.
Remember – keep it professional: We mentioned that joining periscope now would be a good way to experiment but if you are using it for business then it’s important that you keep your professional head screwed firmly on. You don’t want potential clients to get a glimpse of you or your staff doing anything that they wouldn’t approve of. It’s also worth noting that Periscope picks up a lot of background noise so make sure that people know that you’re recording and that they aren’t to talk about any client information during that time.
Have you started using Periscope yet? Tell us your stories on Twitter.


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