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  • Sep 28

    How to get a job as a Graphic Designer

    | Design in General

    Photo by ptobin Just the other day I received a question on Twitter from Adam at Design4Love:   “Hi.. how are you? Do you have any tips for me how to get into the UK design industry (Other than sending applications to agencies). Thanks!”   Which got me thinking about how difficult it was for […]

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    Sep 18

    You have Beautiful Eyes: Eyescapes

    | Photography

    I stumbled across a great set of photography which highlights something which most of us don’t get much of a chance to look at very closely (unless you’re an Optician!) and that’s eyes! Take a look at the link and I think you’ll agree there are some beautiful colours, you almost forget they are eyes […]

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    Sep 07

    Artist / Designer Interview 2 – Oddhero

    | Art

    Artist / Designer Interview 2 – Oddhero This months artist / designer interview is with Oddhero a duo who design and sell¬†¬†Prints and TShirts … David Gray and Stewart Bremner are two of Oddhero’s founders. Gray is based in New York City, Bremner in Edinburgh, Scotland. How long have you been a graphic artist? DG: […]

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    Aug 31

    Banksy reminds us of Hurricane Katrina

    | Art

    New painted murals by world famous street artist Banksy has been found in New Orleans to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The street artist produced these pieces to remind of the devastation Hurricane Katrina caused and to pay respect to the people of New Orleans who

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    Aug 29

    Can Twitter be used for Business?

    | Internet

    This week I’ve been looking into the subject of Twitter and its possible use to market a design business. I have to say a thank you for to Nikki Pilkington for her great post about the subject Using Twitter for Business this post really inspired me to look into the possibilities rather than just writing […]

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