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    Yuju Identity Design

    Jul 12

    We recently worked on the identity design for online fashion and costume jewellery company yuju.
    The client required a simple, friendly logo that made full use of the rounded nature of the letter forms.

    We worked on extending and looping the letterforms creating a joined upstream also used in a repeat pattern for packaging and wrap sheets.
    Repeat Pattern:

    Colour version:

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    (4) comments

    Hi Gareth, we are delighted with our logo and not only use it as a logo on http://yuju.co.uk/ but also on our business cards and our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/YujuUK Great work, thanks.


    Oo I like this very much Gareth, clear, crisp and contemporary!
    I bet the client is thrilled to bits!


    @ WillowTreePress – thanks for stopping by, appreciate the feedback
    @ Amanda – very kind comments indeed, thanks for your thoughts. All the more valuable from a fellow designer, cheers.


    Oooooo GOOD WORK! 😀
    Looks fab on their website also.
    This is an identity that can last the distance and hold it’s own against the big boys if it needed to.

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