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  • Letterpress business cards

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    Letterpress business cards

    Aug 26

    Late last year I redesigned the Dot Design business cards and finally treated myself to abit of letterpress printing.

    The results can be seen in the images above and below. As well as being letterpress printed the cards are also die-cut at one end to reflect the ‘D’ of Dot Design.

    The cards were printed two Pantone colours on Saunders 425gsm, 100% cotton, high white.
    So what is Letterpress printing?

    …a printing technique dating back to the 16th century. The process involves inking the surface of movable type or blocks and pressing them onto a surface. Letterpress prints are crisp and tactile compared to other printing techniques because of the impression into the paper, giving greater visual definition.

    Over the years various printing machines have been invented to ‘press letters’ onto paper. Our oldest presses were manufactured in Halifax, Yorkshire over 100 years ago. Made of cast iron they weigh in at just over half a tonne each! After all this time they print extremely delicate type or designs onto the finest papers. Testament to Victorian workmanship!

    Here’s a rather quirky and slightly sad video about a letterpress printing company, it’s processes and techniques…

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    (7) comments

    I love them!!! Seriously cool and very professional.
    Well impressed.
    I look forward to getting one next time I see you.


    Thanks for all your comments guys, appreciate the feedback and glad they’ve gone down so well!

    Stephan Hilson

    I like the business card. The narrator is right with crispiness and dealing with a lot of things. I like how the logo was designed and styled especially the letter D. Thanks for sharing the photos of your business card and the interesting video about letterpress printing.


    This is a great idea on how business cards should be made. A business card is the reflection on how innovative and creative a business is. Making an effort on how it looks will give a good impression of our business. I like the cotton material used and Blush publishing really did a great job with the print.

    Lola T

    I really appreciate the design and the style of the Bcard. It looks so stylish and very creative and the design goes very well with the name of the biz. The Bcard only indicates the worthiness of the business. I just love it.

    Lea G

    I just loved these B cards. They are so simple but very attractive. I feel these should be taken to advertising firms committee to give good recognition for the design creation and its worth.


    They look smashing Gareth – love a bit of letterpress!

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