The Key to Strong SEO Strategies – It All Starts With Branding

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The Key to Strong SEO Strategies – It All Starts With Branding

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to every marketing strategy today. Unbeknownst to some, you can’t have a successful SEO if you do not have powerful branding. Your branding will serve as the foundation of the strategies that you’ll use for your SEO, and only then will you be able to reap its rewards.

To give you an idea of what these rewards are, here are the amazing things you can look forward to when you focus on branding to empower your SEO strategies:


Gain Links for good SEO

Search engines, such as Google, rely on links to boost your rankings. Having natural and contextual links to and from your site is essential, but you have to work hard in order to build them.

When you have firm branding in place, you increase your chances of getting quality links from site visitors who read your content and link to you. Although only a tiny per cent will link to you, these links will be significant to your overall marketing efforts.


Gain Social Shares

Social shares are social proof, which is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Aside from having social buttons/links on your website to direct users to your social platforms, social shares will help you gain a more extensive reach when users share your brand on social media.

A user will only share your business if they know and believe in your brand; therefore, how you represent your brand can make or break your company.

Furthermore, social media is powerful, hence utilizing it to your advantage will help your business go the distance and bring favourable results.


Gain A Better Reputation

In the digital world, reputation is important. In fact, you can establish your reputation online and let it do the talking out there as almost everyone relies on the web and social platforms to connect with various businesses.

Moreover, Google has released a full version of its Search Quality Rating Guidelines, in which it is apparent that your site’s reputation is significant to how your site will be ranked on SERPs.

Google is not only looking into what your website is about, but it is also checking out the reputation that you have built for yourself. After all, Google has become more user-focused to provide the best online experience.


Gain Mentions

Brand mentions have been added to Google’s search algorithm following the latest Google Panda update. Even if people mention your brand without linking to it, trust that Google knows.

These brand mentions can reward you by boosting your search rankings. Getting mentioned on authority news sites seem to be the strongest. That said, as part of your marketing strategy, devise a plan that will allow you to get mentioned.



Gaining links, social shares, a more substantial reputation, and brand mentions are just some of the things that you can get with solid branding that is aligned to your SEO strategies. These will help boost your site’s rankings on search results and help you generate more sales in the long run.

To ensure maximum results, make sure that you work with an agency that can bring your strategies to life. Branding, while important, is only the first step, and executing your SEO campaign is an entirely different matter.

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