How to Make SEO and Branding Work for Your Website

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How to Make SEO and Branding Work for Your Website

They say to improve your website’s online visibility and ranking, you should use SEO strategies. SEO is an effective marketing strategy, but adding your branding to it can give you better results.

Here’s how you can build a successful online presence by letting branding and SEO work side-by-side.


1. Add your brand to your keywords

One way to effectively improve your business’s online presence is by capitalising on branded keywords. Branded keywords are keywords that have your brand name in it. In this method, you are targeting people who already know about your business. They search the web and include your brand name in their searches. These are the consumers that are more likely to buy your products and services.

Increasing the volume of your branded keywords can increase the relevancy of all your keywords (including the unbranded ones). Once your ranking for the branded keywords improves, Google will associate your unbranded keywords with it.

Some branded keyword tips to explore:

  • Add your brand name to all possible questions the consumer might think about your business
  • Associate your brand with competitors in a single keyword
  • Create a keyword that features your brand name and the highest selling product or service that you have
  • Use all forms of your brand name, including the misspelt words and shortcuts consumers may use when searching for your product or service

2. Optimise local SEO

Local SEO is targeting searches based on a certain location. This strategy is highly effective for businesses that have a physical store or shop. In this strategy, you add your location to your branded keywords making all the searches more specific and targeted. Research shows around 46 per cent of Google searches are location specific, and 88 per cent of those who searched on their mobile phones proceed to actual purchases.


3. Make quality websites work for you

A content contribution is another SEO strategy that you can implement with branding. It is publishing content in reliable and quality websites. Aside from increasing your branded social present, you also demonstrate authority as a reliable and credible information source by using this strategy.

When choosing where to contribute, make sure to work with sites that have high web traffic. Their values should be aligned with your brand values, and their audience should be similar to your target too. If your content works, you can convert these readers to potential followers and customers. 


4. Pay for branded keywords

If your competitors are bidding for branded keywords, you can also do the same. Paid promotion acquires twice the result of organic results, so if you have the budget, there’s nothing wrong with getting this service. Paid promotion targets ready-to-buy consumers or active searchers, giving you a bigger chance to make sales. It’s a shortcut method in getting the results you want.


5. Check your branded search traffic

Once you’ve tried all the steps, don’t forget to counter-check their effectiveness. Through Google Analytics, you can monitor the number of people who use your branded keywords and the number of those that actually land on your page. You can also monitor the volume of searches and the conversion that occurred at a specified time. Moreover, in Google Analytics, you can identify what keywords work and also witness how your business grew.



Business owners always need to develop their marketing and digital strategy to improve sales and site performance continually. Exploring and combining good strategies is one way to do it. Good branding works and a good SEO strategy delivers. Imagine the output when these two effective marketing strategies are combined.

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