Reasons Why Poor Graphic Design Is Bad For Your SEO

Reasons Why Poor GraphicDesign Is Bad For Your SEO - Graphic Design

SEO and web design go hand in hand in a digital marketing strategy.

When the website has a bad graphic design, it can quickly drive away visitors as soon as they open your page. SEO helps your page to rank higher on search engines. However, when your bounce rate is high, it will affect your ranking.

The competition online is tight, giving customers many options, so you don’t want to waste any of them because of poor web design. Here are the reasons why a poor graphic design is bad for your SEO:

1. Poor website design sends viewers away

When a website is clunky, with poorly positioned content, awkward graphics, and contradicting colours, visitors will soon click the “X” button, and that will not help your SEO.

An SEO expert and web designer should work together to ensure that all elements of the website will work well with the SEO strategy and prove to be effective.

A good website should look pleasing to the eyes and is easy to navigate. When the graphics are poorly designed, it can also affect the loading speed of your website, which is another minus point for visitors.

A poor user experience kills SEO. In that regard, images, logos, banners, colours, and typefaces must work well together.


2. Websites must be mobile-friendly

These days, most people use their mobile phones when browsing the internet, even when they are shopping online. So it’s an unwritten rule nowadays that all websites should be mobile-friendly to give customers excellent user experience and keep them browsing your page.

Otherwise, they will not be able to browse your website properly when they are using their mobile devices. With other options available online, it will be easy for them to click away and find another site that is easier to navigate.


3. Web design reflects an image to visitors

A website should have the right typefaces, and a graphic designer will know which ones will look great on a page. If you are not paying attention to the typefaces and other design elements, you will project a wrong image to your visitors.

The wrong font will make you look unprofessional and inexperienced. It is essential to create a good first impression among your visitors, and good web design will help you achieve that.

The right colours,typefaces, visuals, and layout will also suggest that your site is relevant and credible.



Your web design is as important as your SEO strategy, so it is vital to invest in the service of a graphic designer.

With poor graphic design, your visitors will quickly leave your page, and your SEO will be ineffective. Graphic designers know how to use the right design elements on your pages to ensure that your SEO will be more effective.

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