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  • Logo Design – Scientific Bonds Global Mentoring

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    Logo Design – Scientific Bonds Global Mentoring

    Oct 29

    Scientific Bonds Global Mentoring Logo
    There is a little story behind how Dot Design came to design the ‘Scientific Bonds – Global Mentoring‘ Logo.

    Dot Design use Twitter as do some of our clients and we find it a great source of design related bits ‘n’ pieces, for sharing info and for breaking design news. We follow/are followed by one of our clients I’m A Scientist , we have worked with Gallomanor the people behind I’m a Scientist for some time now and they are really nice people.

    So nice in fact that they Twittered out how happy they were with our design work.
    The Biochemical Society saw this glowing testimonial and decided to contact us and commissioned the logo design and forthcoming mentoring handbooks.

    We then worked with Beck Smith at The Biological Society to create this identity for ‘Scientific Bonds – Global Mentoring‘. From the beginning, it needed to emphasis the bonds and the scientific side of the subject. We looked at atoms and other scientific symbols but it became apparent that a simpler more refined design solution was called for in the end.

    With the joining together of some of the letterforms we echoed the word ‘bonds’ within the name and emphasised subtly the idea of forming connections. We look forward to working further with The Biochemical Society.

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