Logo Design – Points to consider

Adrian Frutiger says

“The secret of beautiful form lies in its simplicity.
The best logo is the one that a child can copy in the sand with one finger”

and I couldn’t agree more, if possible a logo should be this simple.
Here are a few points to consider when designing an identity or logo which should be helpful to both clients and designers.
• What age group/target market is it trying to attract or communicate to?
• What is the overall image are you trying to communicate with your identity/logo design?
• Do the colours/shape/form/typeface sit well with the companies current image?
• Does the logo/identity design standout from its competitors?
• Does the logo design clearly, simply communicate is it memorable and recognisable?
• Will the logo design work in allsorts of different media eg: website, brochure, small, large?
• Does it work in black and white?
• Can the logo design be scaled up or down without losing any clarity?
• Will the logo design date quickly?
• Can the logo’s colour palette be used within its supporting material – such as stationery, brochure, marketing material?

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