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  • BTEC First for Science – ldentity / Logo Design

    Identity / Logo Design

    BTEC First for Science – ldentity / Logo Design

    Aug 22

    BTEC First for Science Logo Design

    Earlier this year we worked on the logo design for BTEC First for Science which is an educational scheme for teachers that has been set up for their Science BTEC National needs. As part of this service teachers and schools will be supplied with all the materials needed to run the Edexcel Science BTEC.

    The logo needed to communicate the theme of Science immediately, the “i” of science has been adapted to form the shape of a test tube, a common and well-recognised piece of equipment used in science lessons across the country. The bubbles from the test tube were used within the supporting branding and featured on other promotional items such as information flyers about the project.

    BTEC First for Science provides Resources, Assignments, Schemes of Work and Teachers Guides for BTEC First and Nationals Science courses.

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