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  • Coca-cola gets a brand re design – “less is more”


    Coca-cola gets a brand re design – “less is more”

    Aug 21

    Coca-cola gets a brand re design

    Coca-cola have had their brand re design by design agency Turner Duckworth, focusing on ‘cleaning-up’ the huge global brand’s image and celebrating its core branding. Its gone down very well, with Turner Duckworth winning the Grand Prix at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

    The final result is a retro look to the cans but still keeping the image contemporary and fresh.
    The brand has been de-cluttered with the old ribbons, water bubbles and drop shadows removed giving a “less is more” design. Probably money well spent as I can’t see this dating very quickly and at least should hold out for the next decade or so.

    It will be interesting to see if this effects Coca-cola’s sales figures, I expect it will increase them as Coca-cola re establishes itself as a classic.


    Coca-cola gets a brand re design

    Coca-cola gets a brand re design


    Coca-cola gets a brand re design

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    Thanks Susan for commenting. Your right about the red on black it looks very 80’s I know we are looking to the 80’s in terms of fashion at the moment, but this will pass and I just think this colour select looks dated straight away.
    Trucks are great, really nice idea, playing with the scale of the bottles eg: top one is made up of actual sized bottles and the bottom one huge bottle. Also like the idea on the carton cups. Overall though a success like you said.
    admins last blog post..Coca-cola gets a brand re design – “less is more”


    overall i really like this redesign – especially the classic white on red. i’m really not sure about the red on black for the ‘zero’ range – i think white or silver on black would have been much nicer.
    i LOVE the two trucks though 🙂

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