Can Twitter be used for Business?

Can Twitter be used for Business? 1

This week I’ve been looking into the subject of Twitter and its possible use to market a design business.
I have to say a thank you for to Nikki Pilkington for her great post about the subject Using Twitter for Business this post really inspired me to look into the possibilities rather than just writing it off as “a waste of time”, which many have already done.
If remember this was many people’s approach to Facebook in the beginning but now it is used by many businesses for advertising products and services to users.
Twitter for those who don’t know (I didn’t really know until last week) is a microblogging system, a social networking site. Each Twitter user is given a page where they can post 140 letters about anything they want whether that be “feeding the cat”, “painting a masterpiece” or ” designing an award-winning logo”. You can choose to “follow” what certain people are saying and receive updates on your mobile. Its receiving a large amount of internet buzz at the moment, so much so that the site is running slowly or crashing while they try and deal with the huge increase in users.
So can it be useful for business? Chris Brogan thinks Twitter can be used for business and outlines 50 ideas of its possible use. So can it help market a graphic design business? I’m on a little experiment to find out, I only signed up yesterday and have been “Twittering” today, my user name is: if you would like to follow me. It’s quite refreshing already to be using something where there are very few experts of people telling you how it should be used.
Here are a few articles from other blogs with their thoughts on Twittering and its potential for business.
There is also already a company working in the area of Twitter Branding and Marketing: Cherp
I’ll keep you updated on my progress with Twitter, subscribe by email to follow my posts on this blog
So are you Twittering?
Do you use it for your business, if is so how?
Or do you think its a waste of time?

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