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  • Is the New Barclaycard Identity and Rebrand worth £1.5million?

    Identity / Logo Design

    Is the New Barclaycard Identity and Rebrand worth £1.5million?

    Oct 06

    Barclaycard Logo

    Is the New Barclaycard Identity and Rebrand worth £1.5million?

    Barclay has recently had a complete rebrand and new identity designed by Brand Union.
    The logo cost £600,000 which was part of an overall £1.5m identity makeover.


    According to the designers, the new Barclaycard identity aims to convey a calm, confident exterior while being warm and vibrant on the insideand that the globe motif represents a chip being released from the constraints of the plastic card and welcomed in by new, exciting methods of payment.


    There is currently much a debate going on over at the Creative Review Blog about this new Barclaycard identity about whether this identity is an improvement on the previous and what it is actually trying to communicate?

    In my opinion its an interesting marque which suggests protection of some sort as well as communicating technology on some level.


    Does it say banking or credit card use, does it need to?
    More importantly is this worth £600,000?

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    I agree Amanda, there has been a trend for sphere identites in the last year or so as some of the forum users in your link expalin, thanks for stopping by.


    Deary me, it looks like so many other logos I’ve seen, no originality at all.
    It looks like one of those logos you get from a logo factory – this highlights the horrors of the lack of originality of this dreadful design for Barclaycard;
    Amanda Vlahakiss last blog post..Many Ways To Inspire Yourself


    Very good post! Thank you for the work done!


    Hi Lucinda, I understand what you mean about the “chip”, it is hard to see it (if at all).
    I think they mean that the metal chip is being pulled up and twisted into the circular shape, admittedly this is difficult to see and it took me awhile!
    It doesn’t really work like you said, and for £600k you’d certainly expect it to!
    What does anyone else think?
    Thanks for stopping by Lucinda.
    Cheers, Gareth.
    admins last blog post..Is the New Barclaycard Identity and Rebrand worth £1.5million?


    I don’t dislike the new logo, however I cannot see at all how it represents a “chip” and if that was the brief then I think it fails. I do agree with you in that it suggests protection and technology and I think overall works for a logo for Barclays.

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