How Video Can Benefit all Forms of Your Digital Marketing

How Video Can Benefit all Forms of Your Digital Marketing

There are many aspects that go into a successful digital marketing campaign and one that cannot be underestimated is video content.

Incorporating video content into your digital marketing strategy can help performance in many different areas, boosting engagement and generating new customers for your business. 

Search Engine Optimisation

We all want to see our websites ranking at the top of the search engines. Ranking well in Google and the other search engines can bring you a huge amount of traffic and the best part is you don’t have to pay for those clicks.

Google wants to send people to content that engages their users, and video is an excellent way to do this. Video content helps attract people’s attention, helping you keep people on your site for longer and reducing bounce rates.


Social Media

Whatever social media platform you look at you’re going to see lots of video content and that’s for one simple reason – people love video content.

Posts with videos not only get more views but they get significantly more shares, meaning your brand gets even more exposure. The more people you can get your content in front of, the more leads you’re going to generate.

When you work with a videographer who understands how to make content that works for social media like, you’ll find you’re going to get much more engagement.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to help your business engage with potential customers and build a relationship that will turn them into loyal customers.

The difficulty is the internet is a busy place and there are lots of things competing for peoples’ attention. That means to be successful in content marketing your content really has to stand out and offer value to people.

Video helps you do this because it immediately attracts peoples’ attention and allows you to convey your message extremely effectively. People retain around 95% of a message when watching video versus just 10% when reading a text, so, this gives you a good opportunity to make a lasting impression.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is another form of digital marketing where you have a limited amount of time to get your message across. People get tons of emails every day, and if yours doesn’t standout then it’s going to get overlooked.

An email full of text is just another email, but if you can use video to make your email marketing standout then you can significantly increase your engagement levels.


Pay Per Click

Just like with their organic listings, the search engines want to make sure they’re sending people to quality content when they click on advert. To do this, Google and the other search engines give your landing page a quality score.

Again, time on page and bounce rate play a big part in this metric, and if you’re not getting people to stay on your page then it’s going to affect how well your ad performs.

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