“Designers are a nightmare to survey"

Graphic Designers Surveyed – the findings

Interesting book published on the findings of a survey into Graphic Designers and what it’s like to work in the design industry today.
Some of this made me smile, particularly this quote from the findings…
“Designers are a nightmare to survey. They frequently disregard instructions and give answers that can best be described, fittingly, as creative. Male designers tend to be both creative and grouchy. And almost everyone has a bone to pick with clients.”

 In April last year you might have seen our call for graphic designers to take part in our GraphicDesign& survey. You may well have been one of the 2,000 designers who responded. Having spent some months processing the data, we have now published our findings as Graphic Designers Surveyed. We have to thank all the respondents for the richness of the information we have to share.



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