"Finger Licking Good" Design?

KFC Poster Design

Those of you who live in the UK will have probably have noticed the new print/poster campaign for KFC.
The campaign uses yellow/orange greasy finger and hand marks on the KFC corporate red colour. The designs feature fingers prints that makeup the image of a sweetcorn cob, another shows greasy hand marks as chicken wings and fingers as fries.

KFC Poster Design

KFC Poster Design
Now normally I wouldn’t look twice at any of these fast food chains advertising campaigns as they usually just feature images of huge burgers etc, which let’s face it never live up to whats handed over the counter in the name of food! But I really like the simplicity of this campaign along with the decision not to feature the usual food photography related to this industry.
Although I’m not sure it makes you want to rush into KFC and grab some fries, I think its quite a playful and memorable campaign. Its also honest, KFC’s food is greasy no question but they have somehow used this positively to illustrate their food and suggest a sense of humour. The poster designs are also refreshingly free from anything other than the idea and the corporate logo, freeing the concept from anything not needed.
I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this new campaign, including whether it makes you feel like rushing out right this minute and getting some greasy chicken!

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