Is WordPress the future for all websites?

Is WordPress the future for all websites? 1


Is WordPress the future for all websites?

I’m a graphic designer (as you can hopefully tell!) and after working under the name Dot Design for over 2 years I felt I needed to change my approach to my website.
Most graphic design agency websites are basically online portfolios with a few words about projects undertaken, as was mine before this new site.
So it was time for a change and I currently can’t speak too highly about WordPress, it’s a publishing platform that has enabled me to put together a site that can be quickly updated and also it allows me to keep a design blog. Traditionally WordPress is blogging software but more and more people are using it because of its content management system.
After looking at several websites that use WordPress I realised that I wanted to make this site more of a conversation about my work, graphic design in general and related subjects. I wanted it to be more interactive, to ask questions and for people to leave their comments, rather than just a design portfolio site. One website that inspired my move from a static design portfolio to a WordPress powered version was David Airey’s. David uses his site almost as a forum for design discussion and conversation as well as a showcase of work and this works very well.
So, WordPress enables people of limited to no website knowledge to upload to, write and edit their site easily and simply, which leads me to a question. Are website developers worried about WordPress?
Surely if people can put together a site so easily using this platform then is it taking work away from website developers? Or is it just a new area in which they can work, another string to their bow?
There are now many WordPress theme designers, one who is highly respected is Brian Gardener his site features a selection of themes that can be used to style WordPress sites and add functionality. You can also add different functionality to your WP site by using the hundreds of plugins available. The fact that WP is FREE and is so easy to use and add to etc, all suggests a higher uptake of WordPress based sites and a growing trend for this platform.
So what do you think? Is WordPress damaging your website development business because people can now add content and run a site themselves, or does it mean you can add WordPress development skills and services to your portfolio?
I’d be interested to know your thoughts and also the experiences of those already using the WordPress platform.

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