Jazz it up! – Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival

Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival Brochure

At my time of writing this, the first Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival in Plymouth will have kicked off. From 3rd -11th May 08 there will be – free daytime gigs, street parades, New Orleans bands, dance floor jazz, Hammond organ funk.
An annual event set in the fantastic Barbican in Plymouth, this event should prove very popular and after taking a walk around on the first day of the festival there isn’t really a better place for it.
Dot Design worked with Kaos Productions to design the 24-page brochure and also posters for the event. The brief was to design a brochure that incorporated images of the Barbican and also the acts that were to feature. Using graphic blue and red lines to communicate the movement of music this theme was carried on throughout the brochure. A tuba was used on the cover to blast the images and lines across the page, more about this project can be seen in our portfolio in the next couple of days.
I wish the festival the best success, although from what I have heard it’s going very well already!

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