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  • Category Archives for "Branding"

    Nov 13

    Ben & Jerry’s Has A Makeover

    | Branding

    Even very successful brands like Ben & Jerry’s need to constantly keep their brand fresh and improve product clarity among increasing competition. The new ‘refresh’ of the whole Ben & Jerry’s packaging range looks to be a great move, retaining and simplifying the blue cloudy sky and green hills, placing the product flavour name within the […]

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    Nov 09

    The Branding of Julian Assange

    | Branding

    WikiLeaks now has a commercial arm with licensing deals around the world. Source: www.nytimes.com Brand Assange: Controversial subject here, but goes to show that anyone and anything can be branded. WikiLeaks now is the official license holder of the WikiLeaks logo and the Julian Assange name. Apparently TShirts and other merchandise are on the way.

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