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    …as featured in The Guardian

    Apr 07

    As some of you may of noticed (via Twitter and the Dot Design blog) I was pretty annoyed at the beginning of last week. Annoyed due to the newly launched website StartUpBritain, this is the site backed by the Prime Minister David Cameron that is an attempt to help startups and new business in Britain.

    Though a great idea and obviously something worth backing I was disappointed to notice that when it came to supporting British designers the site preferred to recommend a US crowd sourced design site.

    So when the site launched I vented my anger via Twitter along with alot of other designers and businesses. My ranting was then picked up by Mark King at The Guardian who rang me to find out my view on the subject.
    This week Mark published an article on The Guardian website which you can see here > ‘Small businesses let down by StartUp Britain’

    In defence of StartUpBritain they swiftly changed their recommendation to point to the British Design Business Association website once they realised their error. They also seem to be improving other areas of the site as well. Although it could provide more impartial advice and support to small business rather than what seems to be mainly discounts and links from large corporate companies.

    Let’s hope this can become a hub for startups to get useful business advice and support and that StartUpBritain starts to listen to small business and what they need, afterall they have been there and done it and have valuable advice to give.

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    So pleased to hear they’ve changed the link and love the power of Twitter and blogging! Well done Gareth!

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