Identity Design to help Shire Heroes

Identity Design to help Shire Heroes 1
Dot Design recently had the pleasure of undertaking some charity design work with Sarah Olney at So Direct for Shire Heroes.
We worked with Sarah to design the above logo to support the event, here’s some more information detailing what Shire Heroes is all about…

“Shire Heroes is raising money to support members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country, their dependents and for those who have left the services and have fallen on hard times. It’s our way of showing we care for ordinary people, like us, doing extraordinary things in the service of their country, as part of their ‘job’.
There are many voluntary organisations helping to raise money to care for wounded soldiers and we know that more is always needed. We also know that there are many demands on people’s time and money so we are both humbled and grateful for the support we’ve received from many dedicated people living and working in and around Northamptonshire, for their time, money and commitment to help us raise our target of £25,000”
We are passionate about what we are doing and have made many friends along the way. Join us! You can commit anything from ideas, to coming to our Armed Forces Summer Ball on 24th June, and to pledging something that “money can’t buy”.
If you are interested in supporting Shire Heroes make sure you visit their website at

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