Start Up Britain letting down British Designers?

Start Up Britain letting down British Designers? 1
So I start my Monday a little sleepy but in good spirits, checked my twitter stream and noticed Start Up Britain had launched. I thought oh this looks good, nice to have some support for small businesses and start ups in Britain.
So I take a look around the site and in particular the ‘Startup’ section and notice that in their design section, they are promoting that startups use a company called 99designs among other crowd sourced overseas competition based design sites. Err what?
To say I felt angry and let down is an understatement. 99Designs is US based company that uses designers from all over the world in a largely unpaid competition format. It’s disgraceful and extremely disappointing to see StartUp ‘BRITAIN’ supporting a US based design site. Rather than supporting British designers! Isn’t design what Britain do well, in fact extremely well especially for a country of our size?
It’s all very disappointing and short sighted. There’s another blog post needed to explain the problems I have with crowd sourced sites but basically Start Up Britain is suggesting that if you are looking to start a business in Britain, you should use US or mainly over seas designers to do the work.
How is this helpful to British designers and the British design industry as a whole?

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