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  • Threadless T Shirt Design – We need your Vote!


    Threadless T Shirt Design – We need your Vote!

    Nov 04

    Threadless TShirt Design

    Dot Design have submitted a T Shirt design to Threadless.com to be voted on and hopefully printed!

    The T Shirt is titled “Bird Watching” images of the graphic and tshirt above and below.

    But we need your help its only going to be printed if you vote for it, so please case your votes and support our first Threadless T Shirt application. Thanks for your support!

    Threadless TShirt Design

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    Steve and James – Thanks for the support, much appreciated. Will let you know how it gets one, fingers crossed that its selected for print!
    Steve, thought I’d just see how the blog went being on the front page for abit, thought it might increase interactivity but typically as soon as I changed it I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time to update the blog as much as I’d like!


    sorry – should have been ‘front page’


    I Like it – just voted for you on Threadless!
    Like the new style site as well – What made you bring the blog to the font page?


    Great submission. Threadless used to be one of my favorite sites on the internets. I can’t really stand it much anymore though. HAs it improved. It was originally a great place for designers. Then in 2004/2005ish it became a great place for 15 year olds and got really annoying. Maybe I’ll have to revisit it sometime soon…
    James Kurtz IIIs last blog post..Pentawards

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