The viral video genius of Ok Go

(OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – 22,868,440 views so far).
I’m not a huge fan of Ok Go’s actual music but I’ve always admired their cleverly crafted viral videos. They certainly have their eye on their internet audience and what it takes to create a shareable online hit.
Managing to be inventive, creative and have never resorted to expensive special effects or locations for their videos. Instead preferring to focus on well executed creative ideas with humour and a good sense of fun.
Their focus on these videos has really boosted their fan base who seem to mainly be a internet literate post MTV audience. Here’s a selection of their videos, I’ve included the number of views as a guide but there are multiple versions of these video on YouTube so the views are much higher than shown here and really are only a guide.

(OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video – 8,508,523 views so far).A great mix of Ikea furniture, dogs and synchronised chair dancing what more could you ask for in a video?

(OK Go – Here It Goes Again – 5,527,208 views).
The video that made them, so simple so clever.
Gained more than a million views in six days and really shot OK Go to internet fame.
At the same time it attracted alot of copy cat videos and even ‘inspired’ (put politely) a Berocca TV ad.

(Ok Go End of Love) – 3,956,005 views so far).
Stop frame animation while wearing coloured tracksuits anyone?

(OK Go – Do What You Want 3 versions of this video – 473,005 views so far)
A multi-angled, multi-movement video, caution those with motion sickness..

(OK Go Phenomenon) – 230,504 views).
Why dance in your own video when you can get a legion of fans to do it instead.

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