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  • The Business of Colour Psychology (infographic)


    The Business of Colour Psychology (infographic)

    Jan 02
    the business of colour psychology

    The power of colour. Heinz switch to a green ketchup for a Limited edition bottle and their sales go through the roof. Apple created different coloured iMac’s back in the day and their sales and brand recognition skyrocket.

    Colours can create a feeling, an emotion, the colour red makes us more attractive, blue can make us more calm but alert, while pink can apparently sap a man’s strength.
    A study in 2007 found that colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, powerful stuff I think you’ll agree. Other studies have shown we can remember coloured documents and presentation better than black and white ones.

    The Business of Colour Psychology
    Infographic Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

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