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  • Stefan’s Big Brother – Sagmeister’s new website

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    Stefan’s Big Brother – Sagmeister’s new website

    Dec 16

    In our reality obsessed times we seem to like nothing better than having a spy hole into other people lives.
    Stefan Sagmeister’s new website reflects this by featuring live web-cam feed on it’s home page that includes vinyl graphic ‘buttons’ on the floor in order to navigate to areas of the site.

    The new site is a simple but interesting idea that reflects the recent shift of business’s more transparent ways of working.¬†Though you only really see the comings and goings of designers during their working day it does offer an insight into their working environment and routine.
    Possibly a burglars dream, (at the time of writing this no one is there and the lights are out) it’s certainly a site I’d return to even if only to be nosy.
    So will I be installing one at Dot Design?
    Well no, not just yet, not unless people really want to see me scratching my arse and grabbing the cat off the keyboard multiple times throughout the day, but a great idea all the same.

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