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  • Social Media is just a fad…

    Social Media

    Social Media is just a fad…

    Dec 02

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    Hi Andy thank you for stopping by.
    Sounds like an interesting project.
    I’ll email you regarding your questions above and hope I can be of some help.


    I’m just beginning work on a new retail concept for a denim brand based in the UK and I really want to try and tap into the social media attitude to sales and marketing. The client is already media aware and has sites on Twitter and Facebook. What I really want to do is to bring the social media sites to have a presence in-store without having lots of computer terminals and keyboards etc. I’d like it to work as signage which is updated in real time so that the customer can feel that they are part of the heart of the brand’s social media package and so when they go home and go on-line or are sitting on the bus and check their iPhone they can say “I was there” and what’s more “That was me”. The idea is to give the consumer a sense of community and belonging which will inevitably breed brand loyalty. So… my question is: Is there the technology out there to do what I need and if so how do I go about organising it? Is this something you can do?

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