Scribbles/Doodles/Illustrations, whatever you’d like to call them!

Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations

As you can tell from the post title I’m not sure what to call them but I basically produce pen illustrations, they aren’t of anything in particular, there is no planning or sketching its just drawn straight out. These drawings are produced over a period of time (when I get chance) and aren’t the product of one sitting.
The one pictured is A3 in size, black and white ink pen and drawn on cartridge paper. If there is any general theme is the use of flowing, organic lines some of them remind me of climbing plants, seeds, buds.
I’ve often wondered what a psychologist would make of them, let me know if you happened to be one i’d like to know what some of this might possibly mean, if anything! I have included an overall image of the drawing and also several closeups (below) as it features quite alot of small detailed sections.
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
I have used some of these illustrations in some self initiated graphic design work Scribbles and Doodles and Fancy Things these make use of my initial drawings that are scanned, vectorised, slightly edited and refined, then coloured up in Adobe Illustrator.
I’d be interested in your views on these (positive or negative) as I’m considering producing a small number of limited edition screen prints that will be for sale on this site.
.Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations

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