Scribbles/Doodles/Illustrations, whatever you'd like to call them!
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Scribbles/Doodles/Illustrations, whatever you’d like to call them!

Scribbles/Doodles/Illustrations, whatever you’d like to call them!

Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations

As you can tell from the post title I’m not sure what to call them but I basically produce pen illustrations, they aren’t of anything in particular, there is no planning or sketching its just drawn straight out. These drawings are produced over a period of time (when I get chance) and aren’t the product of one sitting.
The one pictured is A3 in size, black and white ink pen and drawn on cartridge paper. If there is any general theme is the use of flowing, organic lines some of them remind me of climbing plants, seeds, buds.
I’ve often wondered what a psychologist would make of them, let me know if you happened to be one i’d like to know what some of this might possibly mean, if anything! I have included an overall image of the drawing and also several closeups (below) as it features quite alot of small detailed sections.
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
I have used some of these illustrations in some self initiated graphic design work Scribbles and Doodles and Fancy Things these make use of my initial drawings that are scanned, vectorised, slightly edited and refined, then coloured up in Adobe Illustrator.
I’d be interested in your views on these (positive or negative) as I’m considering producing a small number of limited edition screen prints that will be for sale on this site.
.Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations
Scribbles / Doodles / Illustrations


  1. It’s very impressive!
    It probably says quite a lot about you psychologically, i’m not clever enough to know what though! lol

  2. i think they’re lovely!
    they make me think a little of aubrey beardsley, but more abstract…

  3. Shaun, mmm not sure I want to know what dark secret these might revel, should a psychologist wish to translate! Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.
    Susan, yes I guess they do have abit of a Aubrey Beardsley feel to them, maybe its the use of black against white and of course the circles and curves. Its difficult to gauge whether this type of work is good/bad etc so feedback is always welcome, cheers Gareth
    admins last blog post..New Penguin James Bond book cover designs

  4. Great work Gareth, I really like them!
    Steves last blog post..How easy is it for a graphic designer to brand themselves?

  5. Cheers Steve, much appreciated! Gareth
    admins last blog post..New Penguin James Bond book cover designs

  6. Inspirational stuff, I love it

  7. […] pen and ink drawings, almost like contemporary cave paintings. They also reminded me of the kind of artwork work that I’m producing which is similar in media used but also very different. See after the interview below for more […]

  8. Thanks James, glad you like it. Will be looking into other styles/themes also working on a larger scale to. Cheers, Gareth.
    admins last blog post..Coca-cola gets a brand re design – “less is more”

  9. hey…nice work…strangely enough, i do the same kind of illustration, out of nowhere, just doodles and drawings with one color ink pen…
    i would like to share with you a couple of them maybe sometime…but i was amazed to the close resemblance of ..
    i am an art director at jwt, a graphic designer graduate from Lebanese American University, beirut…

  10. Hi Ahmad, thanks for stopping by.
    Interesting that you produce work of this kind, I’d love to see some of it, do you have a website with it featured, if so let me know. Thanks again.
    admins last blog post..How to get a job as a Graphic Designer

  11. Adam

    Strange that Ahmad said he does the same stuf. I do this exact stuf with all black pen and sometimes i put red in for the contrast. I searched on Google to find some other “doodles”, and this is right up my alley. Good work Gareth, maybe we could exchange drawings sometime. Later!

  12. Charmaine Jade Ayden

    Hi Gareth,
    I’m a student from Northumbria University in the UK, and I’d like to put some of your work into a project that I am doing. The project is purely for University purposes and will obviously be credited by you, but I just wondered if this would be ok.
    Best wishes, Charmaine

  13. @ Charmaine
    Thank you for the interest in my work, as I said in my email I’m more than happy that you use my work with a credit to myself.
    Let me know how its been received I’d be interested in the feedback.

  14. Hay, great designs Gareth.
    I just remembered to follow the link from my Moleskine post.
    Keep it comin’…
    .-= Andrew Kelsall´s last blog ..“State of Mind” Moleskine Sketch =-.

  15. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it
    for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.
    thank you

  16. Hi there, yes we design and build websites so this is all our own bespoke handy work 🙂

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