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New Penguin James Bond book cover designs

New Penguin James Bond book cover designs


New Penguin James Bond book cover designs

Penguin has just reissued all 14 of Ian Flemings James Bond books with newly designed covers to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the birth of Ian Flemming.

The artwork for the covers was painted by British born painter Michael Gillette. More of Michael Gillette’s work can be seen at his website.

He has painted each of the key Bond girls relating to each film in a very 60’s style with a limited colour palette, the typography has been incorporated in a slightly Saul Bass style. I feel they really reflect that 60’s/70’s feel and limited colour use on each painting works alongside the bold use of typography in each image creating a striking set of covers which I’m sure will become highly collectable.

I’ve included some images of the covers above but more can be seen at the penguin blog along with more information. COSH have a ltd edition of 25 Giclee prints (signed) of each of the covers measuring 50cmx70cm and are for sale for £145.00 each. Michael has his own blog: pencilsqueezing

You can read more about this work in an interview with michael gillette


  1. Lovely – I like the middle one the best.
    I wish they’d show the full image on the zoom version of the cover images on the Penguin Blog, most irritating that they don’t! 🙂
    Anyway, I found that they are on the pencilsqueezing blog link you’ve given, and I really like the Diamonds Are Forever cover also.
    Reading his posts isn’t Michael Gillette so down to earth for such a successful talented person!

  2. Oh yeah…don’t you just love the way Penguin put their logo in the 007 bit?

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  4. they are FAB aren’t they?
    they are also printed on really nice heavy matt dust jackets that add to the retro feel in a very nice way.

  5. Amanda, they are great aren’t they, I have bought one of the prints, its not arrived yet but will let you know what its like when delivered. Think Penguin have incorporated their logo very well into the 007 although I did read some critism on this on a site a few days ago.
    Susan, I haven’t checked the books out in the flesh yet (so to speak!), but glad to hear they have followed the design through with the choice of stock. Will try and pick up a copy soon. Amazing how they have given these books a whole new lease of live through this redesign, just shows how powerful good design can be!
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  9. Beautiful design.
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  10. To tell you the truth, I think those covers are better then then the movies.
    I dont read, But these make me want to belive they are better then the movies too.
    I guess its cause you use your imagination
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  11. Those are terrific !
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  12. Hi Gareth,
    It was nice covers about 007 James Bond, thank you so much.
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