Ridley Scott’s forth coming ‘Prometheus’ – Alien Prequel?

For me Alien directed by Ridley Scott back in 1979 defined a whole genre and style that many have copied since.
A classic film mixing horror and science fiction in equal measure. So when I heard news there was going to be a prequel to ‘Alien’ titled ‘Prometheus’ I found it hard to hide my excitement, especially when the trailer came along (see above).

But it seems that there’s some debate as to whether it is a prequel at all, looking at various sources it seems it might be in terms of the world and style but maybe not in the subject matter.

imdb.com says the following…

“The film itself revolves around the Space Jockey creature; as seen in the original film ALIEN (1979). When the team of scientists embark on this journey, they get stranded on an Alien world which tests their limits; both mental and physical.”

Prequel or no prequel this film looks fantastic and it’s a welcome return to the genre for Scott who hasn’t revisited it since Blade Runner.

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