iThermostat - shaking up the home heating world...
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iThermostat – shaking up the home heating world…

iThermostat – shaking up the home heating world…

So what does the designer of the original iPod do years after shaking up the music world?
Well shake up the home heating world of course!
Tony Fadell and the people at Nest have re-inventioned the humble thermostat. It ‘learns’ your heating habits, what temperature you choose for what time of day and also actively tries to keep your heating costs down.
It also looks very user friendly and touchy-feely, though I’m not sure I’d save much money as I’d always be fiddling with it.


  1. leo

    Nest thermostat is a very good product as it can be monitored from a far distance. The video was very helpful in knowing what exactly Nest does. Thank you for sharing it here.

  2. Steve

    I liked both the videos and realized how much energy is being wasted by 90 percent of the people using thermostat. The best thing about Nest is that it allows lot of supervision and monitoring while keeping the heating costs down. Wonderful product.

  3. Rodrigo Valenzuela

    Thanks for the amazing video! I wonder how much energy I had been wasting. This video is a real eye opener and this post deserves to be shared with my friends. Nest Thermostat is unique in the sense that I can monitor it even from a distance.

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