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Os Gémeos + Blu + Lisbon = Excellent Street Art

Os Gémeos + Blu + Lisbon = Excellent Street Art

Just love this work by artist Blu and Os Gémeos in the city of Lisbon.
A comment on corporations sucking the world dry, it’s brilliantly drawn on what must be the difficult canvas of the building.
The drawing has been carefully drawn out with some parts of the structure being used to the drawings benefit.
I’ve followed Blu’s work for some time now and its always interesting and varied, working on massive canvas’s such as the above.
You can see more of their work at Os Gémeos’ blog


  1. That is stunning street art. Very 3D … outstanding artist. How does the artist manage to plan this so well on such a large scale so that it works when painted on!? Impressed.
    BUT, personally I’m not sure it’s doing much to revive the look of the derelict buildings. I wonder if that was the main aim.
    I shall toodle over to Blu’s website now to have a look through 🙂

  2. It’s fantastic work isn’t it Amanda, I actually thing it does add something to an otherwise dull derelict building, but that’s just my opinion.
    Both artists are well worth a look at and are probably the leading street artists currently.

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