Get Esignature – Get that contract signed in minutes

Get Esignature - Get that contract signed in minutes 1
One of the applications I found very useful in 2010 and continue to in 2011 is Get Esignature.
It allows you to upload and send out contracts and get them signed in minutes, it’s completely legal and complies with e-signature laws set by the UK and European Union.
In the past I’ve had the not so great task of emailing out design contracts only for the poor client at the other end to have to print out, sign them, then scan in and email back, all alot of fuss really.
Get Esignature solves this problem easily, it’s very simple to use both at my end and at the clients.
I’d recommend it highly and you can create your account for free here > Get Esignature.
Yes this is a referral link but I only refer companies or products that I use myself and rate highly, and this is one that I’d recommend 100%.

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