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New Andy Murray logo design

New Andy Murray logo design

Andy Murray logo design
I rather like the new logo design for Andy Murray created by Aesop. It features ‘A’ and ‘M’ (his initials) and also the number 77, which signifies him being the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon.
Admittedly I’m not sure I would have picked up on the ’77’ but now I know it adds even more meaning and weight to the mark.
The new logo and branding is due to launch at this year’s Australian Open.
Some more background and also how the new logo design compares and contrasts against Murray’s competitors over at Creative Review
Andy Murray logo design

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  1. Liz

    This is a great example of a logo that shows the difference between a logo you create for yourself (as an amateur Photoshop user) for free, and paying a talented logo designer. You get a logo knee-deep in layers of meaning.

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