The psychedelic artwork of Bruce Riley

The art of resin painter Bruce Riley really does inspired me, after seeing him work I’m ashamed to say that I was quickly Googling ‘resin’ and where to buy it, as if it’s that easy. I find his work incredible, not only the end result but the way it’s made and also watching these videos of that creation in […]

New Andy Murray logo design

I rather like the new logo design for Andy Murray created by Aesop. It features ‘A’ and ‘M’ (his initials) and also the number 77, which signifies him being the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon. Admittedly I’m not sure I would have picked up on the ’77’ but now I know it adds even […]

Mesmerising 3D Printed Sculptures

Truly mesmerising these are 3D printed sculptures that animate when under a strobe light. The designer James Edmark says “These are 3-D printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to […]

The new but old iMac 2015

So this got me for a second when I saw it, they’ve launched a new iMac I thought, wow, it’s radically different I thought, oh, no, wait… But no, sadly, they’ve not massively updated the iMac, it’s those clever Germans over at Curved Labs creating a design concept. Mashing together the very first Mac design, with new […]


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