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Naughty Viral Video – Durex Balloon Animals

Naughty Viral Video – Durex Balloon Animals

I couldn’t miss the chance to post this excellent and very funny viral video produced by New York animation studio Superfad and advertising Durex condoms.

The video is completely CGI and makes use of the product in the form of balloon animals that (ahem) ‘interact’ with each other!
A very clever advert, showing what the product is for but also poking (no pun intended!) fun at itself. Its very memorable, rude and I’d imagine its currently being shared heavily across the internet which is why it was produced.
Superfad say:

“Perhaps it would be best to call this an anti-viral, if only for the disease stopping potential. The new film for Durex, synonymous with the word condom in the UK, takes a decidedly comedic twist (um…position?) on encouraging the use of its products  in the US. To create the animated frolic, agency, Fitzgerald+CO turned to the talent of Superfad who eagerly embraced the opportunity.”


  1. Jim

    Excellent find dot. Excellent

  2. Now that was hilarious. I almost didn’t click on it. Beautifully graphic. I just expected someone to be putting them together or something 😀

  3. That is a brilliant viral commercial – ticks all the boxes – funny and a bit rude too.
    My only concern, long term, is whether the preponderance of viral stuff being used now will end up ‘backfiring’ and lose its effectiveness with new ones needing to more and more outrageous in order to work.
    Scott Farleys last blog post..Making Time for My Design Hobby

  4. It is a great piece of advertising and like Emil said it is beautifully graphic in the way its been put together, the attention to detail in the CGI is staggering.
    I agree Scott, viral video’s that’s purpose is for sharing across the internet are getting more and more risqué and outrageous, I don’t think I’d include this video, but there will be some that backfire.
    The nature of the internet means that there is little or no censorship though, so videos that push the limits will still gain an audience through word of mouth whether in complaint or in praise, won’t they?
    admins last blog post..Naughty Viral Video – Durex Balloon Animals

  5. Good grief, how rude! 🙂
    Amanda Vlahakiss last blog post..Duplicate Logo Designs

  6. ha…ha…i dont believe it’s,the ballons can make some special action!

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