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  • Laser cut calendar designed by Rob Ryan


    Laser cut calendar designed by Rob Ryan

    Jan 15

    I regularly receive various samples and brochures from printers as an example of their work.

    But I’ve got to say that this is the best sample I’ve received this year so far (ok we are only two weeks into the year, granted!).
    This is a calendar that features an laser cut illustration by internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator Rob Ryan. The calendar is printed and lasercut by a company called Trilogy Lasercraft who specialise in this type of work.
    The details of the illustration are really well retained with this process even though the stock it cut out of is thin and the illustration very intricate. It really is amazing that some of the finer details aren’t lost in the process.
    The design itself works from either side of viewing and includes tiny details such as hearts, crosses and letter forms.
    I think it works very well and its certainly something that feels very special and worth keeping hold of.

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    Hi Simon, I don’t think laser will replace handcrafting, there will always be room and a need for handcrafted goods as they add value and a more personal touch to items. That said I really love some of the details that can be achieved with laser cutting such as the above, thanks for stopping by Simon.
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    The use of laser cutting for this type of application. Do you think laser cutting will ever replace hand crafting?
    .-= Simon Tregillus´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.


    Hi Jerry, thanks for stopping by.
    I’ve got to say that I didn’t produce this work, though my scalpel skills aren’t too bad, I wouldn’t be able to produce anything like this. This has been lasercut to the design by Trilogy Lasercraft. Its a great piece isn’t it.
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    There is so much fine detail that went into cutting that out. I really applaud you for your efforts.

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