3 Major Reasons to Invest in Good Graphic Design

invest in good graphic design

3 Major Reasons to Invest in Good Graphic Design

The decision of whether to hire a professional graphic designer is probably one of the first dilemmas that budding entrepreneurs must face. With little-to-no resources available in the early stages of building a business, many owners make the regrettable mistake of not investing in good graphic design from the onset. This decision often results in being unable to attract new customers or having to do an expensive rebranding initiative later on!

More than creating an excellent logo to represent your business, a professional graphic designer can also use their skills to create flyers, business cards, company profiles, brochures, and even website designs for your business. This allows you to bear the look of a seasoned organisation and will help you attract quality customers immediately.

To emphasise its importance, here are three reasons why you should invest in good graphic design from the onset:



1. Facilitates Brand Recognition and Trust

A good graphic designer can help you earn trust among your target audience just by the use of certain colours, lines, and typefaces. Moreover, certain design decisions can make a big difference in your brand recognition! Through good design choices and consistent reinforcement across distribution channels, your brand can make a lasting impression in the heads of your audience.

In contrast, lacklustre design and amateur execution will not do you favours in attracting possible customers. Worse, it may even attract negative connotations, derailing your brand’s efforts in making a good first impression! While graphics are certainly not the be-all and end-all of marketing, they are definitely the most memorable representation of your business.



2. Unites Employees

We all love the feeling of belonging to a certain group, especially if the said organisation presents qualities that they agree with or relate to. The use of logos to unite people can be seen throughout history, from the coat of arms found on shields and banners to the country flags that we have today.

The same is true for your business. Giving your employees a well-designed logo or emblem that they can wear to work allows them to feel a certain pride in the company that they represent—provided that the logo is representative of those values, of course.



3. Enhances Sales

Certain logos and their brands have become so entrenched in popular culture that they are able to command a premium just for the privilege of using them. This is common in the automotive industry, where it is very common to see parts being sold for a higher price just because it bears a brand’s logo—even though the same parts can be purchased at a fraction of the price from the original part manufacturer!

In the electronics space, it’s also very common to see two brands offering identical products, with equivalent specifications. Despite this, they will still sell at two drastically different prices, just because one of them has better brand equity.

While brand equity is definitely more than just the logo and its accompanying graphics, having a well-designed visual language allows your customer to recognise your brand much more easily.



Putting up a business is very similar to a job interview. Needless to say, as a “job applicant” hoping to get “hired” by your customers, you will want to make sure that you look presentable, sharp, and professional. Having a good graphic design allows you to do just that by creating a visual design language with a clear message and memorable look.

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