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  • Illustrator / Artist Interview 10 – Pat Perry


    Illustrator / Artist Interview 10 – Pat Perry

    Jan 23

    1. How long have you been an illustrator/artist?

    Well I’m pretty young still, but I started my career as an artist when I was 2, drawing monster trucks.I had a good experience at that age, and I think the momentum never really stopped.
    2. What inspires your work?
    I know everyone says this in one way or another, but definitely my environment. People around me and things I see, phrases I hear, and Michigan. Michigan is the state I grew up in, and I can’t deny my love for the place, or the prominence it has in my work. Relationships in people, and wild personalities also really interest me, and I have tried to portray these characteristics many a time. I’ve always loved camping, and am always pretty inspired by forests, fields and creatures too.
    3. What media/software do you work in and why?
    My favorite media is pen&ink, and paint. I really love drawing. Painting though, is a whole different animal, and is amazing in many different ways. Mostly I stick to pen, ink, and paint, but I don’t mind using pencil also. The only software I use is CS4 to manipulate color occasionally. For 2010 though, I’m only going to paint with popsicles and ketchup.
    4. How would you describe your style of artwork?
    I’d like to think that it is honest.
    5. Do you do any initial sketching or planning before starting a new piece?
    I doodle and sketch out little things sometimes with no intention of making them fleshed out pieces. But often, I end up using those ideas. I usually sketch out a drawing in pencil before I add anything permanent also.
    6. Which illustrator/designer/artist most inspires you?
    Recently, I have been fascinated by Mars-1. The level of creativity and craft blows me away. I also really enjoy the work of Marco Zamora, and ABOVE.
    7. How do you deal with the business inside of being an illustrator?
    So far, I read and seek the advice of people who understand how to sell your art. Most people who I work with usually seem pretty happy to support me monetarily, and understand that it allows me to keep creating. I am not out to make millions, and I love to put great artwork in the hands of people who really appreciate it.
    8. What words of advice would you give to any aspiring artists out there?
    Draw all the time. Don’t worry about quantity, or making this next piece your greatest one ever. Just keep creating and working at it. Eat, sleep, and shit it out. Always keep it on your mind, and apply your art to any environment or audience that you can.
    You can see more of Pat’s work at www.patperry.net
    Make sure you also check out his blog: patperry.net/blog

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