How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings

How to Improve Your Websites SEO Rankings

How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings

When it comes to growing an online business venture, the challenge of the world today is how to remain competitive in the search engine scene. In the United States alone, Google controls over 90% of search traffic, which is why aspiring business owners will want their services to be displayed at the top of each search results page. Because this climb to the top of the results page is quite steep and filled with competition, it is often a great idea to avail of Search Engine Optimisation services to assist with growth.

Not only will you need SEO services to be successful, but a well-designed web page is essential in attracting attention, which can be done through graphic design services. These two work in tandem, as digital marketing entails the strength of a brand’s presence along with other design elements that keep viewers encaptivated. With this being said, here are some ways to improve your website’s SEO strength:


Include a Blog Post Section

Adding a blog directs traffic to your website, as these posts can be tailor-fitted to what your brand offers through well-written articles and information pieces. This avoids the stagnation of your website, as they entail regularly updated content that gives customers something to follow. SEO companies often offer the services of an aesthetically ergonomic webpage coupled with well-written content that is sure to help your business climb the ranks. Blogs also have an interactive nature, wherein people can upvote, leave comments, and ask questions, so interacting with your customer base is easier and more streamlined. Customers often appreciate it when a business takes the time to have an exchange with them, and this helps grow your brand by them sharing whatever it is you post on their social media. Look out for spam and duplicate comments, as these may be detrimental to the image of your company. Blog activity usually increases the size of your business domain over time, as more pages mean more ways to appear on different keyword search results.


Utilise Google Analytics With Each Page

Google Analytics is a free software that tracks critical data on site performance on search engine results. This is an invaluable tool, as data is often everything when it comes to just about anything in this world. Knowing what keywords customers use, as well as search engine traffic results and how they affect your site will be a good way to map a strategy to boost leads to paying customers. Features such as Goal and Event Tracking, as well as bounce rates will provide an idea on how to improve site traffic as well as total sales. Knowing what statistics are working and what are weak allows improvement to occur, and will ultimately improve sales and site visibility. SEO services will often be adept at using and analyzing this data, so having the services of these companies is undoubtedly a plus.


Reduce Code Bloat

Google’s software is often on the lookout for content that is unique and outstanding. However, certain aspects of the HTML code are affected by JavaScript and CSS, which make it harder for Google’s algorithms to track them. In coding, what is known as search engine spiders do their job of finding content through reducing the code-to-content ratio. The spiders have an easier job when scripts and CSS files are added as external files, but it is also noted that excessive coding slows webpage load times and increases coding error probabilities. SEO services should be able to code a website and design it so that it reduces the potential code bloat that may affect your site’s traffic.



SEO services are without a doubt a big help in growing businesses. These companies usually specialize in more than just search engine results page optimization, but also provide you with the consulting services to build your website just how you want it. Couple this with digital marketing techniques and unique design strategies, you will have a strong presence in the search engine realm over the course of time.

Why limit your business to just search engine results page improvement, when you can have an entire site built on a strong foundation to produce results tenfold? Let a professional SEO agency such as Dot Media help you improve your website’s SEO rankings!

We’re an SEO agency based in the UK that specialises in building websites and integrating analytics for growth trends. With a competitive scene online nowadays, jump start your business with us today!

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