How Redesigning your Website Can Bring you more Visitors

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There are millions of websites on the internet, some of them have been around for many years, while some are relatively new. A lot has changed since the internet first came on the scene, and websites have evolved a lot as well.
If you were to find an old site, you would be surprised by how basic and outdated the design looks. It is important for any website owner to keep their page fresh and up to date to attract visitors.
In just a short period, the way websites process certain information changed. Many sites stopped using things such as Flash for their media playing and switched to HTML5. As a result, devices such as tablets and mobile phones, have also stopped supporting Flash.
If your site hasn’t been updated for some time, it could be that people are having problems viewing certain aspects of it. You need to ensure that all the latest apps and software on your site are updated.
A good design can make all the difference to how people interact with your site. If your home page is inviting and engaging, you are more likely to keep people on the site longer. Centre your design around your products but keep it simple and uncluttered.
You can use opposite colours to focus the visitor’s eye on areas you want them to notice such as the shop or the brochure. You can also use an email subscription pop-up to encourage people to become part of your mailing list.
Website Hosting
If you have been using the same web host for a while, then you should look at your package to see if you are still getting a good deal. There are many cheap hosting sites out there such as Certa Hosting, that can give you a lot of features you might not currently be getting.
You might get other important addition such as email hosting or plugins to give your site more features. Most hosting sites will allow you to transfer your domain name and site to them for free, so it is worth the time to research.
Knowing how well your site is progressing is a vital part of understanding the good and bad points of your site. Many hosts have an analytics section that tracks your website’s visitors and shows them on a graph or pie chart.
You can also use Google Analytics which can also give you website stats.
You can see how many visitors you have received and the country of origin. You can also see how long they stayed on the site which is a good indication of how engaging your site is for new visitors.
With this information, you can tweak your site design to get the best results.
Once you have redesigned your site and added new features and new content, you should start to see an increase in traffic. You can then use your stats to enhance their experience further until you have a perfect balance. These are just a few ways you can transform your old site into something engaging.

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