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Heat Reactive Paint

Heat Reactive Paint

Designer Shi Yuan has created heat reactive paint as demonstrated in the form of wallpaper that reacts to heat, paintings that change when you touch them and the a calendar that could fade as the day ended.
These are all achieveable using heat sensitive paint and could be used in many ways in the future.
Turn up the radiators and the wallpaper starts to to change with the heat.
Heating off..

Heating on…

Start of a new day…

Ink fading away as day ends…


  1. That’s pretty cool, although the pattern won’t be everyone’s taste. Still, the principle is great.
    No more checking if the radiators and on. Maybe the technology could be used for tiles on the wall above an oven? The possibilities are endless!
    Great find…

  2. Brilliant idea.
    Wouldn’t the calendar be more light sensitive than heat sensitive? Plus would the technology last all year. Just a thought.
    Amazing technology nevertheless, love the possibilities this could give to an interior designer or even print / advertisers.

  3. @Andrew – yes like you say the concept’s sound but maybe not the design, but then we would say that wouldn’t we 🙂
    Certainly an excellent idea with boundless possibilities.
    @Liam – thanks for stopping by, yes of course you spotted the deliberate mistake!
    The calendar would be light sensitive in order to detect the beginning and end of the day by the amount of sunlight hitting it. Well spotted!
    .-= Gareth Coxon´s last blog ..Spiderman eat your heart out… =-.

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